… and now there's Final Fantasy XIV!


So what do we make of Final Fantasy XIV? The game, which will be an MMO à la Final Fantasy XI, was announced at some point during Sony’s 18-and-a-half hour press conference at E3. The trailer is available online, but I haven’t yet figured out a way to grab it and put it here. Oh, well.

I think the main issue people are having is this: where is Final Fantasy XIII? How about Square Enix release that game before it goes and announces the next one?

And unless Final Fantasy XIV is demonstrably better than Final Fantasy XI, to say nothing of that pesky game called World of Warcraft, I can’t see too many old school RPG fans giving it much of a chance. That was literally my reaction: “Oh, it’s online? Never mind then.”

To Square Enix’s credit, the game is scheduled for a worldwide simultaneous release sometime in 2010. Komoto, the director of Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy XI, will direct the game. And Akihiko Yoshida, of Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy XII fame, is in charge of art direction.