Panasonic Japan announces new VIERAs with built-in HDDs


Panasonic launched the VIERA R Series today in Japan [JP], consisting of a total of seven new plasma and LCD TVs. The first TVs of the series will be available over here starting July 1, with Panasonic not yet saying anything about sales in overseas markets.

The R series includes three plasma TVs, which are all full HD and sized at 42 ($2,900), 46 ($3,500) and 50 ($4,200) inches. They feature a contrast ratio of 4,000:1, a built-in 500GB HDD, two 16×4cm speakers and three HDMI ports.

The other four VIERA TVs of the new R series are LCDs sized at 17 ($1,300), 20 ($1,400), 32 ($1,900) and 37 ($2,500) inches. The only full HD model is the 37-incher, which also features an IPSα panel (120Hz speed). The 32-inch TV also has this panel but only achieves a resolution of 1,366×768 (just like the 17- and 20-inchers). All four LCDs come with a 250GB HDD.