Sun Launches Java App Store

Sun Microsystems has debuted its own version of Apple’s App store: The Java Store. The early version of the site features a storefront of Java applications, including social software applications and games. Sun said that they are hoping to create a marketplace to connect developers to the nearly 800 million desktop Java users worldwide.

Sun also announced the Java Warehouse, a platform where developers can submit Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE) and JavaFX-based applications for distribution in the Java Store. The Java Warehouse will help developers manage and distribute Java applications across all of a customer’s mediums – browser, desktop, mobile and TV.

Examples of applications in the Java store include RuneScape, a free multiplayer online role playing quest game; and Twitter FX, a JavaFX-Based Twitter Client. Currently in private beta, the Java Store is accepting applications from consumers to test out the new platform. Could this new offering and possible monetization strategy be an influence of Oracle? Oracle has been speculated to have aspirations of being the Apple of the enterprise community.