Video: Comcast's 2,100-foot HD video wall

If you’ve ever looked at your Comcast bill and thought, “That seems expensive!”, don’t worry. The company used some of your money it to put the biggest video wall I ever did see inside its corporate headquarters in Philadelphia. And can you really blame a company for using your money to build a giant TV?

Maybe, maybe not. The point is that the 2,100-foot HD video wall is actually five times HD resolution, which is so HD that Comcast can’t even show actual content the entire thing unless the content is produced especially for such a gigantic screen. Check out the above video for a look at some of the entertainment, as it were.

Here’s the low-down about the giant screen, called the Comcast Experience Video Wall, from the Greater Philadelphia tourism website:

The Comcast Experience Video Wall is the largest four-millimeter LED screen in the world.

Spanning 83.3 feet wide by 25.4 feet high, the 2,100 square-foot video wall brings spectacular original programming to visitors 18 hours a day.

The wall displays thousands of unique hours of programming, created exclusively for The Comcast Experience Video Wall.

Utilizing a technique called “3-Camera Panorama,” which involves placing three high-definition cameras side-by-side and filming everything from spectacular nature footage to urban landscapes, a seamless, wide-screen vista is created.

This realistic imagery offers 10 million pixels of clarity — five times the resolution of hi-definition TV — supplemented with computer-generated images of amazingly realistic quality, producing a vivid virtual world.

The system that delivers the content to the screen has the ability to make a pre-designed selection from a bank of hundreds of images. The selection from the delivery system is random in nature, in order to create an array of ever-changing imagery.

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