Crocodile keys hope to improve text entry accuracy

crocodile keyboard
The more time I spend using computers, the more I realize that the ways in which we interact with them suck. Typing is a pain, and I’m very inefficient using a physical keyboard. When using an on-screen keyboard, I’m even less efficient. Until someone invents a really superb way to interact with computers, I guess the best I can hope for is the crocodile keyboard layout for on-screen text entry.

The design looks a little goofy, but the intent is to increase the amount of dead space around each key, thereby reducing the likelihood of pressing an adjacent key by mistake. Without having used the thing at all, it seems like a good idea. But then again, if the Apple braintrust didn’t think of it for the iPhone, it must not be a good user interface, right?

The neat thing is that David Baker originally developed this layout for a physical keyboard for Palm Pilots!