eXpresso Upgrades Collaborative Excel Application

eXpresso, an online collaboration tool around Excel spreadsheets, has upgraded its application to offer support for all versions of Microsoft Excel and for additional features. Users of Excel 2003, Excel 2007 and other versions will be able to access all features and tools that are normally used within in their Excel applications, as well as custom macros, styles, and formatting via eXpresso .

Previously, eXpresso offered limited functionality of Excel spreadsheets on its platform. eXpresso’s has also added the ability to let users create and market custom spreadsheet macros to others from within the eXpresso environment. Via eXpresso’s platform, users can hold live online meetings to discuss and update spreadsheets and you can control viewing options of other users. eXpresso subscriptions are $15/user per month or $79/user per year

eXpresso raised $2 million in series A funding in 2007. eXpresso’s drawback is that it only focuses on Excel and faces stiff competition from Zoho and Google Docs, which offer a suite of collaborative tools around both Excel and other offerings, including Word and PowerPoint. The company says that it is launching full support for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint sometime this summer. If this does happen, eXpresso could become a more serious contender in the document collaboration space.