Microsoft wants to change 'netbook' to 'low cost small notebook PC'


Digitimes is reporting that “Microsoft plans to redefine mini-notebooks that Intel has categorized as netbooks with a new term — low cost small notebook PC.” Oh that’s much simpler, thank you.

Microsoft general manager of the Application Platform & Development Marketing Division, Steven Guggenheimer said at Computex yesterday that “netbook” shouldn’t be used any more since netbooks can do more than just get on the internet.

Hey Guggenheimer, on behalf of technology bloggers everywhere, give it up. We’re not going to type out “low cost small notebook PC” when “netbook” has done just fine, thank you. Just because your abnormally long name is eclipsed only by your ridiculously long title doesn’t mean you need to drag us all down with you.

Some see this asinine strategy as a way for Microsoft to differentiate netbooks from mini-notebooks so it won’t have to ship as many cheap versions of Windows 7 Starter Edition. So only the crappiest of the crappy netbooks will get Windows 7 Starter, while slightly more-capable low cost small notebook PCs (or LCSNPCs) will be required to ship with a more expensive version of Windows 7.

More details are expected today as Guggenheimer delivers Microsoft’s keynote speech at Computex.