Mobile 2.0 Europe reveals Demo Launch Pad startups

The Mobile 2.0 Europe conference is coming up in June and TechCrunch will be descending on it too in the shape of myself and Robin Wauters. The Mobile 2.0 Europe conference will be on Friday, June 19, 2009 at the Espacio Esade Forum, with the Mobile 2.0 Europe Developer Day the day before. There is also a Startup Demo Launch pad.

TechCrunch is hosting the official TechCrunch Mobile 2.0 party after the event on Friday and after the speaker’s dinner. We are pre-releasing the first 100 tickets here (there is a small ticket fee to prevent no-shows). We are also looking for sponsors of the party, who will obviously be branded at the event and in posts about it. Please email our events organiser petra(at)

Meanwhile the organisers have released the names of the presenting startups for the Mobile 2.0 Europe Demo Launch Pad. Here are their descriptions:

Appswork (Santa Clara / London) – “This is an application based on Twitter that allows users to send files, online status, message backup, person to person (voice) chatting, all unified to get your contacts closer and in one place.”

Distimo (Utrecht) – “Distimo makes mobile app distribution and monitoring easy. Every phone brand or operator is launching its own mobile app store this year, enabling mobile developers and brands to reach a large audience. To truly compete a developer needs to distribute its app in multiple app stores making monitoring performance difficult and time consuming.”

Layar (Amsterdam) – “The World’s First Augmented Reality Browser. Layar shows you what is around you by displaying realtime digital information on top of reality through the camera of the mobile phone. Flip through the directory of ‘layers’ and find ATM’s, bars, houses for sale, hotels and other cool stuff around you.”

Pikkoo [pick-koo] (Oulu) – “This is the world’s first community for you to create, download and share interactive mobile screensavers and wallpapers for free. Pikkoo is an innovative startup based in Oulu, Finland. Pikkoo focuses on social, user generated and interactive mobile content for Adobe Flash Lite and non-Flash Lite enabled phones. The company is privately held and founded in early 2009.”

TheChanner (Barcelona) – “This is a mobile TV Tuner that allows to watch the best Internet TV, 24/7, on your mobile phone. theChanner aims to help everyone to discover channels close to their culture, expressed in their own language, push forward their popularity, and encourage new channels to start mobile broadcasting. Social Mobile TV is here!”

Vulevu (Berlin) – “Think Twitter for dating!” There’s not much more description from these guys – they’re still in alpha – no link yet.