ARM-based netbook features eight-hour battery, weighs under two pounds

The slow-but-steady introduction of ARM -based netbooks is going to be interesting to watch. The above video from shows a Pegatron-brand netbook running Xandros Linux on a Freescale platform with an 800MHz ARM CPU, all in a fanless, super slim body that the guy in the video, Sascha, estimates to weigh around 1.75 pounds (800 grams).

It’s somewhat more stripped down than most currently-available netbooks with just a 4GB solid state drive, the aforementioned 800MHz CPU, and two USB ports, but you do get a 3G connection and VGA output. And what you trade in features, you make up for in portability and battery life. The battery is estimated at about eight hours and the system is completely fanless.

The keyboard is apparently quite nice to type on, although one look at the misplaced, tiny right-hand Shift key would send me running. The whole setup is a preproduction unit so no word on pricing or availability yet, although these ARM-based netbooks all seem to be gunning for sub-$200 price points.

Pegatron Netbook Hands On [Netbook News via SlashGear]