If Kaká joins Real Madrid, what happens to his Sony Bravia commercial (where he's kitted out in Milan garb)?

It’s safe to say that it looks like Kaká, the Brazilian footballer who has played for AC Milan for the past six years, is moving to Spain’s Real Madrid this summer. (Don’t worry, this is technology-related, I swear.) Milan’s vice-president, Adriano Galliani—here’s a photo of him (and new AC Milan coach Leonardo and SlashGear’s Vincent Nguyen) that I took at the San Siro in December—told an Italian newspaper that the Kaká has to leave for the financial well-being of the team. My question is: what happens to the Sony Bravia commercial—I’ve seen it on TV a few times now—that shows Kaká playing keepie-uppie?

While we await a response from Sony, if they even bother to respond (I realize that I could be the only person on planet Earth to have even thought about this matter), here’s a video compilation of Mr. Ricky Kaká. I suggest you mute the volume because the music stinks.

UPDATE Well, Sony just said they don’t comment on rumors, and no rumor is more flimsy than a football rumor. I guess I’ll try again next week.

See, just barely tech-related!