iRiver B30: the sexiest non-touchscreen PMP ever?

iRiver’s always had a different aesthetic from the other media player makers. The Spinn is a good example of their different industrial design, and now this B30 (though unlikely to be released here in the US), is showing that their UI is as clean and unique as their hardware. The Korean company’s devices are also extremely versatile, wearing many hats and supporting many formats — a trend I wish would catch on here in the states. Check out this little video (apparently taken on the sly) and see how tasteful “traditional” controls can look.

The B30 is a sexy-looking slab (though rather thick) and its UI is a slick and squared-off. No touchscreen, unfortunately, and the screen isn’t 16:9, but hey, that’s what the Zune HD is for, right? Good-looking devices like this should be the standard; the Sansa, while it’s a decent device, is far from imaginative yet is fairly popular. Come on, people, demand more!

[via Crave]