Joby Professional Ball Head: Not what you think

Joby makes Gorillapod tripods, those weird, bendy tripods that can attach to trees and railings and let you get a shot from anywhere. One of the biggest complaints, however, was the inability to pan and tilt your camera while attached to the Gorillapods.

The Professional Ball Head is a tripod head for the DSLR Gorillapod – or any tripod for that matter – that offers 360-degree panning and 90-degree tilt. It has a locking knob as well as a level to ensure your odd shots are at least not crooked. The device will be available in July for $44.95.

Designed to work with the popular Gorillapod SLR-ZOOM model tripod, the Gorillapod SLR-ZOOM Ball
Head affords users the ability to easily tilt and rotate their cameras, while still enjoying the versatility and
unwavering support of a Gorillapod on virtually any surface!
Built with the serious photographer in mind, the Gorillapod SLR-ZOOM Ball Head is lightweight and
compact, yet still robust enough to support SLR style cameras with zoom lenses. It further extends the
functionality of the Gorillapod by allowing even more creative camera positions and better chances to
capture great shots!
While it is optimized for use with the Gorillapod SLR-ZOOM tripod, the ball head is equipped with a univer-
sal camera adapter (1/4” tripod screw) and can also be used atop many other tripods. The ball head
includes a bubble level quick-release clip that can remain attached to a camera for effortless, instant setup,
ensuring a perfectly level photo every time!