Acer's Android netbooks to dual boot Windows

androidLooks like those Android netbooks from Acer that are supposed to show up later this year will actually be dual-boot systems running Android and Windows.

Acer chairman JT Wang says that a dual-boot setup is the safest route for the time being since Android is still in its infancy, although he acknowledged that if Acer’s telecom partners wanted Android-only versions to package with cellular data plans, the company would consider it if demand were high enough.

So those of us looking for less-expensive Acer netbooks likely won’t see those savings just yet. Granted, Acer’s netbook pricing has already been pretty aggressive. We’ll still be kicking in a bit extra for Windows, though. Acer may be able to pitch the inclusion of Android as an extra feature instead of positioning it as a primary operating system at first.

[via Digitimes]