HDMI over Powerline by Averlogic


Now this makes sense. Can’t you see the future when all you need to do is plug your new flat-screen into a wall outlet and the video will magically appear on the screen?

Averlogic has a system that’s not that advance, but can still send 1080p24 video with 5.1 audio over standard power lines. Both ends of the transmission of course have a box, but hopefully someone, somewhere is working on the future that eliminates those and packs the needed components into HDTVs and AV equipment

This system by Averlogic can send the goods out to three receivers, which then output the signal either by HDMI, component, or composite. The transmitter has three HDMI inputs and one set of component and composite each. There isn’t any word on pricing just yet, but we’ll betting that some A/V installers and homeowners will be willing to fork over good money instead of running long and expensive HDMI cables.