New iPhone christened iPhone Video?

With rumors of the new iPhone’s video recording and editing capability abound, it seems clear that Apple is focusing their attention on one of their mobile juggernaut’s weakest points. So much so, in fact, that rumors also peg the new iPhone as having a front-facing camera for honest-to-goodness video chat (as opposed to AT&T’s one-way Video Share streaming service). According to a screenshot leaked to TUAW from an unpublished AT&T support website, though, Apple is so enamored with their new focus on video that they may name the whole damned phone after it. That’s right – we may well be hearing news of the iPhone Video come WWDC in a few days.

At this point though, everything is still conjecture – after all, we saw a flood of fake ads and faux-phones right around this time last year. Looking at the screenshot itself, it would be easy to mock up in Photoshop based off of a few reference images, not to mention any number of Firefox web dev plugins that could replicate the same effect within the browser. After all, it supposedly comes from an unpublished version of AT&T’s support site – who would be able to verify it? If we assume that the leak is real, it would be hard to resist the temptation of giving Apple the award for Most Uninspired Product Name of 2009. Given Apple’s track record with unassuming product names, though, it seems like iPhone Video would be right up their alley.