OLED display-camera combo may have sci-fi-ish applications

This is a great idea: fit tiny photodiodes between the pixels of an OLED display. We know OLEDs can get very transparent, so these could be used in something like an head-mounted display that tracks the position of your eyes. There’s still a lot of engineering and imagineering to be done, but it does seem like a really great way to take advantage of the microscopic gaps in a display.

What else could you do with these bidirectional arrays? How about OLED displays that only turn on when someone comes near, or lights that turn on when you come into a room &mdsah; technologies that already exist, but could be integrated into the very display or light source now. Can you guys think of any more?

I swear, once the prices come down on OLED displays, these low-power, highly versatile displays are going to be everywhere. It might actually get kind of annoying.