Panasonic Japan to sell full HD video-conferencing system


Panasonic Japan today announced the KX-VC500 [JP], a new video-conferencing system that makes it possible to communicate using full HD screens. The system mainly consists of a device Panasonic calls HD communication unit and a remote control, connecting users via the web.

For some strange reason, Panasonic intends to sell the corresponding microphone separately (for a yet to be determined price). Not only that, the KX-VC500 doesn’t come with a camera either. Instead, buyers are supposed to use their HD cameras they already have at home or in the office, obviously. Panasonic promises superior sound quality (MPEG-4 AAC LD, 20kHz).


The main unit can be plugged into any screen capable of displaying HD images. It features two HDMI ports and an RGB interface.

The system will hit Japanese stores October 1 with an open price model. Panasonic hasn’t said yet whether it will be available outside Japan as well, but plans to produce 300 units monthly.