Windows 7 guarantee program starting June 26 at Best Buy

A leaked memo has outed June 26 as the starting date when Best Buy (and possibly other places, if this is a Microsoft-blessed program) will guarantee a free copy of Windows 7 at its launch if you buy a Vista-based system immediately. The memo itself is actually a bit catty, saying that Windows 7 isn’t just a “Vista that works” — cold as ice, Best Buy. But the point of that little crack is more that Best Buy employees should really be pushing this as a major update, to allay the fears of people who might be afraid 7 is just an updated Vista. Still, ouch.

In addition to the guarantee program, Best Buy will also be selling upgrades to 7 Home premium for $50 and 7 Pro for $100. I swear, it’d be a lot simpler to sell this OS if there was just one version.