XpPhone is a giant phone that runs XP or a small computer that makes phone calls

The idea that this “phone” runs Windows XP is kind of a stretch, yet it’s being called the XpPhone. It’s pretty much a UMPC or MID, though, that happens to make phone calls because, man oh man, would you need some billowy Hammer Pants to carry this thing around in your pocket as your primary phone. Add to that the five hour battery life and a weight that I can only assume to be at least 1.5 pounds and you’ve got yourself a highly portable computer masquerading around as a gigantic mobile phone.

The device is running some sort of AMD CPU — perhaps the Geode processor or, more likely, the Atom-like Neo processor found in HP’s DV2 netbook. There’s also a USB port, headset port, SIM card slot, memory card slot, VGA out (via a mini adapter), camera, touchscreen, what looks like a little trackpad, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and SSD options from 8GB to 64GB.

No word on price or availability, as this unit is just a prototype. I’d guess it’s probably not coming to the US through regular retail channels anytime soon, but it does give a nice look forward about what’s possible. Convergence, synergy, buzzwords, etc.

[via jkkmobile]