CubeGuard: Please step away from the barrier (plus a contest)


It’s a Saturday morning. You’re making Silver Dollar Hots for the family. The doorbell rings. It’s the mailman. He’s brought a CubeGuard.

That’s right: on the traditional day before or the actual day of rest, the mailman is here to bring you something to remind you of work. But what a gadget it is! It’s basically one of those crowd control tapes with a spring loaded reel to wind it back up after use. However, this tape has a calming scene – a mountain range or a happy face – with a message (“Do not disturb” or, in my case, “John is blogging. Do not disturb.”

That’s right: it’s crowd control tape for your cubicle. Read on for more info and a giveaway.

UPDATE – The winners are:
Ryan G

Thanks for playing!

The CubeGuard has magnets on either side as well as high-test Velcro fasteners for folks without a metal door frame. The standard kit costs $19.99 for the standard kit and ten dollars more for a custom model.


Do they make sense? Sure. In a world full of distractions these things are kind of cute and a nice way to ensure that dude who no one likes at work who always asks what’s up after work and who always ends up finding out that you’re all going to Red Robin doesn’t poke his head around your cube door. Besides, we all need a little fun in our lives.

That said, CubeGuard is giving us 10 $19.99 coupons to give away. I’ll give them away to 10 commenters at random. Good luck and sorry to bring up work on a Saturday. I’ll close the contest at noon on Tuesday.