Pre-tweets: Tweets from the Pre line trenches

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It begins. The first liner-uppers are in line at Sprint stores around the world. The Internet is abuzz with excitement. We will be updating this post during the day when we’re not drinking and if you have any info, tweet us at @crunchgear or let us know what’s up in your line in comments. Let the madness begin!

Some humdingers:

Palmsolo Just arrived at Sprint store. Two guys in line, 3.5 hours until store opens. I am number 3.

TheBlackoutBlog One line you will NEVER see me in. I mean, Sprint?!

@lakesbutta – @wildbill @lakesbutta in line infront of a Sprint store awaiting our new Pre’s.

@Einley Apparently iIm not geeky (or stupid) enough 2 get 2 Best Buy hrs before they open 2 get a Pre so I’ll be getting a Crackberry instead.

smithjeremy To all of you with the Pre: middle finger. I hate being stuck at work. I’ll have mine eventually.

champ22 soo who out there rockin a plam pre? –

Freshkidty A guy just came in our store with a palm pre. I must say it looks like a dope phone.

NaijaPrincess27 is getting the new palm pre, im swimin in a sea of nerds right now!

gnuattitude Pre mania hits chillicothe!!! Sold and activated 40 #palmpre in 3 hours!!! @palm

holierthannow Waiting in line at sprint for the #palmpre. Excited and scared. Who wants to buy my 16g iphone?

thh204: Got my pre! But it has a slight screen defect…don’t want to go back and wait in another line

Jrog83: @palm, whats the best way to load my contacts into the Pre from the Treo? [This is actually an interesting question. If you don’t have gmail, no sync? – Ed]

zentertainment Natives are getting restless, nobody happy with lack of communication from sprint at pre release.

mncaskhn lollll, my sister went to get the Parl Pre today and they sold out right before she was next in line :o)

GuruMN Okay, I’m going to check out the Palm Pre and see if it disappoints me the same way that the iPhone and G1 did when they came out.

healsdata Just got an email that today is the day for the Palm Pre. Sucks for developers who now have to make their apps for iPhone, Android AND Pre.