Rumors have Canon announcing new T1/2000D within a week

Got a hankering for some 20fps DSLR video but don’t have the scrilla to pick up a T1i? Well, you may be in luck, my comrade-in-poverty. Rumors are swirling that a stripped-down version of Canon’s consumer DSLR will find itself announced as early as June 9th. The T1/2000D (why didn’t Canon standardize its names with this latest change?) will probably have about the same relationship to the T1i/500D as the XS/1000D has to the XSi/450D. Got that? Here it is in SAT form:


In other words, it’ll be not as good in pretty much every area, but still a great camera, and presumably for a significantly lower price.

The June 9th date is just a rumor, as is a June 23rd date, but either way it seems likely that whenever Canon has a big press day this month, the T1 will be coming out. We’ll spec it up whenever that happens, but if you were deliberating on an entry-level DSLR purchase, it might be wise to wait a week or two.