Got a Kindle, but miss that booky smell? This spray is for you!

can-newbookMoving to an e-book reader can be a delight, but some of us enjoy the experience of books as well as the text inside. If you’re a reader of new books and love that freshly-cut-and-bleached paper smell, they’ve got a spray for that. You can get it here; you can also go to the devil for all I care, because I prefer the “Classic Musty,” which is what my apartment smells like with all these centenarian buckram and leather editions laying around.

If you’re not sure whether your e-book reader will work properly with this accessory, check out the compatibility list here.

There’s also cat smell and some other things, but that’s not what this article is about. Actually, I’m making the article also be about this bacon spray, because come on, that’s awesome.

[via Neatorama]