Hybrid storage controversy: Did Microsoft just ban the sale of the MSI Wind U115?


Oh man, not two minutes after a positive Microsoft story (which was, in fairness, preceded by a negative one) there’s this. Word on the street is that Microsoft is seeking to prevent the sale of the MSI Wind U115. Why’s that? Apparently Microsoft has no time for a netbook—“a race to the bottom,” claimsCrunchGear’s John Biggs—running Windows XP Home that has a so-called hybrid storage system. That is, one with both a traditional hard disk drive (HDD) as well as a solid state drive (SDD).

The Wind U115 keeps Windows XP Home on the SSD to increase system responsiveness, while keeping data files—MP3s, application data, etc.—on the HDD. For whatever reason, Microsoft doesn’t like that very much.

It stinks, I think you’ll agree.

Never mind that you can still find the device for sale on MSI’s Web site!