Acer shipping 3D notebook in October

AcerIt appears that, come hell or high water, companies are determined to push 3D features. Acer’s the latest, announcing a 15.6-inch notebook due in late October that features software to convert regular 2D movies into 3D, along with movies specifically shot in 3D.

You’ll need to wear special glasses but the company is apparently working on a laptop model that doesn’t require glasses. No further details will be released until Windows 7 hits retail, as the 3D laptop will be running Windows 7 and Acer’s not allowed to release any specifics before Microsoft’s latest OS is released.

In other Acer news, the company is already working on its next line of netbooks — expected to launch in Q2 of next year. They’ll apparently “feature a similar concept as MIDs or smartbooks” so expect something highly portable and very small, probably similar to the Sony VAIO P.

Acer to launch 3D notebook at the end of October, new netbook for 3Q10 [DigiTimes]