Apple beefs up Exchange support

288c5586-75f2-4b0c-bb95-cf4a31c6b728_300It was inevitable and it sure took long enough, but Apple finally put some effort into support Exchange. Announced at WWDC, Exchange support is now built into Mail, iCal and Address Book in Snow Leopard. “You fill in your email address and password – and you’re set, across all 3 apps.”

Apple has implemented autodiscovery of Exchange servers for a seamless experience that business users will surely be thankful for. Spotlight searches Exchange data and you can QuickLook MS Office files right in emails – whether or not you have MS Office installed. Invitations now work in iCal and in Mail and scheduling meetings have never been easier – drag contacts into iCal and you’re ready to roll. Room availability has also been integrated and checks for meeting times in particular rooms and automatically reschedules if one are already in use.