AT&T on iPhone 3G/3G S tethering, MMS, availability, etc.


We’re trying to get through all of this Apple iPhone related news as fast as possible so just bear with us.

To start, AT&T will offer tethering, but there’s no official announcement on that just yet.

On the MMS front, AT&T will offer MMS on the iPhone 3G S later this summer once system upgrades have been completed. These upgrades are unrelated to the 3G network, says AT&T.

If you’re itching to get the iPhone 3G today then you’ll have to wait until 5PM ET to pick up the $99 8GB model.

You can pick up a 16GB 3G model for $149 while supplies last. Data plans for the iPhone remain the same as before. No changes regardless of which model you end up purchasing. Sucks for anyone who just got a 3G and want to upgrade because it’s going to cost a pretty penny, but there’s “early upgrade” pricing as well.

And here’s some financial jargon from AT&T:

AT&T reaffirmed its financial guidance for 2009 that targets wireless service OIBDA (operating income before depreciation and amortization) margins in the low 40% range. AT&T’s cost of customer acquisition for iPhone 3G S and the newly priced iPhone 3G are expected to be very similar to the costs associated with the original iPhone 3G.

AT&T customers with integrated devices like iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S offer attractive ARPU’s (average monthly revenues per subscriber) and low churn rates. In the first quarter, AT&T’s iPhone activations totaled more than 1.6 million, more than 40 percent of them for customers who were new to the company.