Convergence! Keychain GPS unit


If you have trouble remembering where you parked your car or where you buried a treasure chest full of pirate booty, maybe you’d like this keychain GPS unit from ECCO. You lock in whichever position you’re looking to eventually return to and follow the magic arrow on the screen to find your way back.

The range is good for up to 9,999 miles, too, so you can really lock a faraway location into the device. It’s got room for up to three locations and the battery’s rechargeable via USB, lasting up to two weeks (if used an average of ten minutes per day).

Unfortunately the ECCO GPS Keychain is only available in the UK at the moment. It costs £69.95 (about $113). Maybe it’ll find its way to the US soon. Get it? Find? Like GPS? Ha! Maybe it’ll lock in some US coordinates soon. Get it? Like GPS?

ECCO GPS Keychain [ via Pocket-lint]