CrunchDeals: $150 off a Drobo

We love Drobo. We like all those other NASes as well, but we still think Drobo is the best looking and probably the most capable. The recently released DroboPro took it into crazy town with its spacious eight-drive capability, but the original flavor Drobo (or rather, Drobo V2) is still the one to get for your home storage and backup needs. Of course, the $500 price tag has always put off people looking for a cheaper solution, but now’s you chance to get it for $150 off the original price — that comes to about $350, with free shippping.


Drobo is putting a $100 instant rebate on units in its own stores, though it’s a little more complicated with the partner sellers. But whether you buy from Amazon, B&H, or NewEgg, you’ll be paying a little above $350. Actually, at B&H the deal appears to bring the price down to $325, but Drobo tells me that the second, mail-in rebate should in fact be $50, not $75. That little devil on my shoulder says to get the $75 while it’s up on the site, I’m sure it’ll be honored.

This is a good enough deal that I might just snap one up. I have more hard drives than I can fit in my big-ass case.