Find My iPhone helps when AT&T's insurance can't

findmyiphone1It may be one of the iPhone’s newest features, but we can already tell it could become of the most touted. I’m talking of course about the new Find My iPhone feature in the iPhone’s 3.0 software release. Only available to MobileMe customers, Find My iPhone will help do you exactly what its title would lead you to believe. Should you (gasp!) lose your iPhone, you can log into your MobileMe account and have it map out the current location of your iPhone directly within the browser. From there, you’ve got a few options:

  • Send a message to the iPhone (with optional alert sound, which plays even when the phone is set to silent), urging people to call you back
  • Fire off a kill signal to the phone, which remotely wipes the phone’s data. Don’t worry though: once you get the phone back, one good restore from iTunes and you’re back in business.

This sounds like an absolute godsend, considering that AT&T doesn’t offer their monthly insurance on the iPhone. With the iPhones being such a high profile target for theft (and loss; I’ve misplaced mine more times than I care to admit), this definitely makes MobileMe’s $99 asking price easier to swallow.