Live from WWDC 2009


Here we are, folks. The day that Apple fans have been anxiously awaiting since.. well, since the last major Apple event just a few months ago. What will we see? iPhone 3GS? The Apple Tablet?

By the time the sun cracks over the hills of San Francisco tomorrow, we’ll already be well on our way to the pungent circus that is Moscone West on Day 1 of WWDC. We’ll begin our liveblog coverage long before the event starts (at 10 AM PST), so check back in the wee hours of the west coast morning. 3G networks and dastardly dongles allowing, we’re going to liveblog this thing with such detail that you’ll start to think you’re actually here. It’ll be like your own personal WWDC holodeck. Sure, it’s a very low-tech holodeck limited to pictures and words – but still. Fine, it’s nothing like a holodeck.
Update: Live blog is live. Check it out after the jump