Movie studios launch Epix: 720p streaming video for free


I’m much too “handy,” wink wink, with a computer to personally care about Epix, the movie studios’ latest attempt to take the Internet head-on. It’s part cable TV channel and part 720p Internet streaming, and it’s run by Paramount, MGM, and Lionsgate. No cable companies have announced that they’ve signed up as yet.

And to be fair, the idea isn’t bad at all, just too little, too late for someone like me to care much at all. It’s a cable channel—no cable companies have announced that they’ve picked it up yet—that won’t cost you a dime. It’ll have movies that you’d find on HBO and other pay channels, but for free!

The movies shown on the channel and then also available on the Epix Web site, à la Hulu. You pick your movie, and then it stream, like magic. Video quality goes all the way up to 720p. And while that’s certainly impressive for a streaming service—well, if you have a PC; as fellow Mac users know, Flash runs like pure garbage on OS X—720p ain’t exactly impressive. I mean, I can “find” a 1080p Blu-ray rip, and download it in less than 30 minutes. See, that’s what I’m used to. Legal? I’m not too concerned, to be honest.


Epix goes into private (read: you’ll need an invite) today.