HP ruins summer by announcing back-to-school notebooks and printers already

HPWhile students everywhere are preparing to rock the F out this summer, HP has just announced its line of back-to-school notebooks — a cruel reminder to you kids that summer is short and you should always be focused on studying and using your indoor voices.

If you’re really organized or you’re looking for a sweet new rig for computer camp, though, here’s what’s coming from HP:

The HP Pavilion dv2z — seems to basically be a customizable version of the already-available dv2 (see Devin’s review). You can bump the CPU from an AMD Neo up to a dual-core AMD. Starts at $599, available starting tomorrow.

The HP Pavilion dv6t — a 16-inch notebook focused on entertainment. “A separate numeric keypad allows faster data entry during class.” Again with the back-to-school buzzkilling, HP? An entertainment notebook with a sweet 10-key pad for nerding out. Fun! Available now, starting at $649.

The HP Pavilion dv6z Artist Edition 2 — like the already-available dv6z but with “the winning design from the 2008 HP MTV Notebook Design Contest.” Available tomorrow, starting at $949. The dv6z starts at $579, so you’re really paying for that design there.

And finally, the HP Pavilion dv3t — thin and light 13.3-inch notebook weighing just under five pounds and starting at $649. Available now.

HP also announced a few new printers, just in case students’ spirits hadn’t been fully crushed with back-to-school talk yet. You can read about them at the link below if you’re a glutton for punishment.

HP Gives Students a Head Start with Sleek, Affordable PCs and Printers [Press Release]