Screw cooking with gas, I wanna cook with lasers

cookinginthefuture-1_kb2yw_17621When appliance heavyweight Electrolux has a design contest, you know there’s going to be some crazy stuff coming out it. This year is no exception, as designer Ludovic Peperstraete has come up with his “Cooking in the Futur” design, which suggests that 90 years from now we’ll be using laser beams to cook food instead of gas or convection ovens.

The concept is quite simple: combine three lasers to create the necessary heat to cook the food, and tell the “oven” how you want the food cooked. The lasers will then instantly produce the necessary energy to create your dining request. The futuristic oven also has a specially designed ventilation system, no doubt intended to pull the cooking smells out of the apartment, and into the hallway where your neighbors can complain about them (or savor them).

It doesn’t really say how the lasers cook the inside of the food, but I’m sure we’ll have figured that part out by the time this sort of thing is real.

[via Oh Gizmo]