Sony: PSP Go price is juuust right

While we certainly don’t think that companies should just drop their prices when bloggers like us whine about it, the PSP Go really is overpriced and Sony won’t admit it. It’s similar to the PS3’s situation, and if Sony’s pricing on that thing is any indication, we’re not going to be seeing a PSP Go for under $200 for a long, long time.

Andrew House, SCE Europe’s CEO, says:

I think we’re comfortable with where the prices are sitting right now. There’s still a lot of growth in the market that we can see, just based on the existing pricing mode.

Hmm, is that the same kind of growth you’ve predicted for the PS3 for the last couple years? The thing is, it would have made so much sense to position the Go at $199. It’s a little more than the regular PSP, but close enough that people on the fence are likely to go with the “cooler” new thing. $250 is going to scare people off pretty good.

Is Sony just okay playing a low-stakes game? Maybe they don’t really care about market share, and as long as they sell a couple of these things, they’re okay with that. But if they actually wanted to make a dent in the DS population, they need to take the hit and just make that thing cheaper.

[via 1up]