Are you crazy enough to use this Monster remote?

I’m not sure how to describe this thing. There’s no frame of reference in the picture, and it’s supposed to be “tabletop,” so I suppose it could be several feet long and you use a mallet to hit the buttons. I’d better let Monster explain this creature:

In July, meanwhile, Monster will release the MCC AV50 Home Theater Controller, a tabletop universal remote control. The device includes a portable game console-like design, Web-based setup, and simple touch commands like “Play a DVD” or “Listen to Satellite Radio.”

Console-like with web-based setup and simple touch commands? Somehow I am skeptical. It looks like one of those remotes for the extremely nearsighted that you have to hold with both hands and manipulate with your face.

Okay, those don’t exist, but this one is real. It’ll cost $50 and it really does look like something out of the original Star Trek series. They also released some new $100 cables but we’re not going to dignify them with a post.

[via Gearlog and PC Mag]