Modular indoor putting green is like giving yourself 'The Stranger' but with golf


One of the main problems with indoor putting surfaces is that the layout and hole placement never changes. So you get really good at one particular putt and then once you hit the course, your golfing buddies laugh at you and pull down your pants when you miss any putt that’s not ten feet away and dead straight. At least, that’s what my golfing buddies do and I can only assume the same thing happens everywhere.

The Expand-A-Green Putting Surface features 10 interlocking panels that can be fit together in various configurations, plus two regulation size cups and multiple cup locations. The entire surface area can reach three feet wide by eight feet long and you can even “position the cup knock-outs underneath for varying break” so it’s not a dead-on straight putt every time.

And now the bad news: it’s way too expensive at $130. Maybe it’s not if you have pool table and foosball table money like the guy in the above photo. That’s real money right there.

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