Remote Control Titanic lets you be the king of the 1:150 scale world

RC helicopters are fun, and RC Pro-Am is really fun, but neither of them are quite as epic as your very own RC Titanic. Just imagine all the dark, dark fun you could have with this. Got a pond that freezes over in the Winter? Stage a reproduction. Got a potato cannon? Rewrite history as the Titanic is bombarded by colossal tubers.

Unfortunately, the price of all this fun is a whopping $2500. That’s right, this ain’t no bargain bin pond pal. It’s a gol-durn certified 1:150 scale reproduction, by god, “for the most discriminating nautical enthusiast.” The sucker weighs 25 pounds (and floats!) and uses three 550-watt motors to putter along, powered by eight AA batteries.

I don’t know. $2500 would buy a lot of Neo-Geos.

[via Geekologie and OhGizmo]