Sasquatch Lives!

living sasquatchRemember those holograms we saw during the presidential election? It was just like the hologram of Princess Leia that R2D2 shows to old Ben Kenobi, except suckier. I bet you wished, like I did, that you could make your own cool holograms, but with Sasquatch, right? Your dreams have been answered, thanks to!

This is a pretty cool little application. Simply print out the foot, and place it in sight of your webcam. Then use the simple storyboard tools to line up a sequence of actions, emotions, or attacks, and watch Sasquatch act them out right in front of you!

Here’s a little video I made that took all of two minutes to prepare. With a little more time, and a modest amount of creativity, you can whip up any number of clever Sasquatch videos! I can’t wait to see someone reenact their favorite scenes from Harry and the Hendersons!

Be sure to check out the gallery for more glorious Sasqutch videos.