Disposable flask is perfect for staying nimble while on a bender


Since today seems to be morphing into “Things That Help You Conceal Booze Day” at CrunchGear, here’s something interesting: a disposable flask. Cool leopard print, eh?

As you can see in the above photo, it’s NOT intended for hot liquids and should not be used in the microwave, so if you’re thinking about toting 7.5 ounces of hot Irish Coffee around, forget it. You will, however, be able to tuck 5 shot glasses-worth of cold booze into your pocket and then callously toss the flask into the nearest garbage can, roadway, or baby stroller when you’re done.

All this for just $2.55, though if you order 50 of them you can get them for $2.00 apiece. If you’re not down with hot leopard print, the flask also comes in camouflage, gray, and transparent.

Disposable Flask [CKB Products via Nerd Approved]