DIY spy van/mobile office

I guess it’s only DIY if you can afford it, and this sweet surveillance van looks like it cost a pretty penny. Still, it’s not government issue, so that makes it DIY. Somehow the cherry red color doesn’t scream “inconspicuous” to me, though.

The van is equipped with everything you’d need for a stakeout: roof-mounted remote camera, two high-powered computers, some serious batteries for continued operation without idling the engine (dead giveaway), plugs, A/C, and a bunch of other great stuff.

The surprising bit is that it actually looks pretty pleasant inside! I always think of those vans as being rat’s nests of wiring, cruddy old analog equipment, and so on. But this looks like you could have yourself a nice little Quake tournament while you’re waiting for your quarry to come home. That sentence came out pretty creepy, but I’m standing by it.

It’s actually being sold on eBay UK right now and the current bid is around £2000, a bargain if you’ve got the scratch.