Qype founder goes hunting

What is on Stephan Uhrenbacher’s mind? The founder of Qype, which some describe as the European Yelp, has moved into a back-seat role and has new plans up his sleeves – but he’s playing hard to get. He was on a Techcrunch Berlin panel this week and conspirationally mentioned to me that he had three new business ideas. However, it remains to be seen what these ideas are. His personal blog post this week hinted at it however.

He’s dismissed becoming a VC or an Angel, but instead he is looking for founders to launch new business ideas his Upspring vehicle has had. These will “make life easier for everyone, make markets more efficient and disrupt the status quo; or help reduce emissions.”

He’s steering clear of dating and gambling and “none of the concepts is a clone of something that works somewhere else, so there is considerable risk involved, but also ample opportunity.”

He says the founders will “get reasonable shares to make them real entrepreneurs. Upspring will provide ideas, know how, infrastructure and seed funding.”

So far Uhrenbacher isn’t saying anything more about these new businesses. I wonder what they could be…?