Sleek Audio outs the custom made CT6 earphones with Kleer wireless technology

Sleek Audio is up’n its game with the CT6 earphones. These ‘phones not only feature the interchangeable wireless technology from Kleer that made the SA6 model so attractive, but are custom made just for your ear. (Read: they are a tad pricey.)

It all starts with a trip to an audiologist to have molds made. After that, the ‘phones are handmade down in Florida where they are tailored to your listening style and ear’s physical shape. Plus, the company even lets you deck the earphones out with a custom graphic and gives you a range of color options for the them.

The whole process takes 2-3 weeks from start to finish and costs $350 or $450 with the Kleer wireless kit. Sure, these earphones might be out of some peep’s budget, but they are right in line with mid-to-high end earphones from other companies. But these are made just for you. Worth it? Probably.

Sleek Audio