Sony takes the mercury out of alkaline batteries


Sony, so far not known to be a particularly “green” tech company, has announced plans [JP] to commercialize a total of six different models of batteries that contain no mercury. The company said it’s the first that has found a way to mix absorbent raw material into the cathode, eliminating the need to use mercury in the button batteries.

Mercury is said to be a particularly toxic element for humans and the environment alike. So Sony claiming their new technology, which prevents the button battery from swelling, will help reducing 470kg/340l of mercury yearly is good news.


The picture shows a Japanese pack shot. Labeled “Eco”, all six models will go on sale over here on October 10 (prices: $2 per battery). Sony Japan hasn’t said anything yet regarding sales overseas. The company plans to revamp its entire line-up of alkaline (button) batteries this year to fit the new eco-friendly standard.