Old sofa hides pool table underneath cushions


If you’re severely limited on space and you can’t stand the thought of NOT having a snooker table, here’s a couch with a snooker table built in to the bottom of the cushions. It’s only available in the UK, where they love them some snooker.

It’s available on eBay with a starting bid of 95 pounds (around $150). Here’s a snippet from the product description:

You have never seen the like – a truly unique sofa that converts into a 6ft pool table!

Produced as a collaboration between Pierce upholsterers of Accrington and Riley, the famous pool and snooker table manufacturers, this is an exceedingly rare piece, and if not a prototype, then it was produced in a very limited quantity.

It looks like a very ordinary neutral brown dralon upholstered sofa, then the back flips round and turns into a pool table. There are two leveling adjustable feet underneath.

The sofa is perfectly comfortable, and in good condition with little wear to the dralon. however there is one castor missing at the back, a light iron mark on the right side of the back rest, two small tears on the top edge round the back, and two small white paint spots on the top edge – all pictured, and minor faults, The table itself is in excellent condition, but one of the wooden guide rails of the simple converting mechanism has a break and needs replacing – an easy job – its just a wooden strip that screws on and is generally not visible either when open or closed. Meanwhile, the table conversion still works with care.

The upholstery is neutral, clean and perfectly useable, and whilst the buyer may consider reupholstery, the current plainness adds to the surprise when the table is revealed.

Does not come with balls, cues, etc

A fun, practical and unique gem, with little chance of finding another in a hurry!

So basically, it’s a busted up couch with a pool table built into it. Local delivery only, so those of you that live near North London N8 or Southend on Sea take note! I don’t know where either of those places are.


Amazing 1970’s SOFA converts to POOL / SNOOKER TABLE! [eBay via Random Good Stuff]