Psystar: We'll gladly pay you tomorrow for 581 copies of Leopard today

Picking apart the bankrupt Psystar corpse has revealed a debt of $75,000 to Apple for “Unsecured Nonpriority Claims,” whatever thoseare. Nobody knows what exactly that might be for, although some savvy mathemagicians have decided it might be for 581 (and a half) copies of Leopard. Not knowing Psystar’s actual sales volume, that number means practically nothing. Did they maybe order all those copies and never pay? Or was that just the unsold ones left over after Apple caught them up in the ongoing legal tiff?

Psystar isn’t saying, probably because it’s got more important things to deal with (and quite a bit more debt to settle). Apple is quiet, too. Maybe it’s something shady? I’m going to say no. Probably just regular debt.

Looking and the smoking wreckage of Psystar certainly drives the point home, though: if you want a Hackintosh, do it yourself. Two of my friends have just put OS X onto sub-$400 netbooks and they love it. Contact your local geek if you’re interested.