Source: Dyson vacuum confirmed for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen appearance


Remember the contest that worth1000 held last year for rejected Transformers robots? Well, it looks like one of those rejected bots will actually be making an appearance in the upcoming Transformers sequel. Sources close to the film have confirmed with CrunchGear that a Dyson vacuum will make an appearance during the film. We realize there have been screenings in Asia, but not in the US and there has been no mention of such quirky bots.

The Dyson Autobot/Decepticon (it’s unclear which side the “never loses suction” vacuum will take) will make a brief appearance during a scene when Sam drops a shard of the Cube in his house resulting in hilarity and chaos. Our source was unable to provide an image or model, but we think it’ll look something like StupidFolk’s rendition from the worth1000 contest.