Nvidia expands its mobile graphics lineup

It seems that a lot of people are moving to a laptop as their primary machine, but that poses a problem for power users who need both mobility and horsepower. Add battery concerns to the pile and you’ve got kind of a conundrum. Fortunately, each new generation of graphics cards provides more power, less battery draw, or both. That’s going on right now with Nvidia, which is adding a bunch of confusingly-named but functional mobile GPUs to their lineup.

You’ve got your super-low-power G210M, which only draws 14W but is pretty weak despite its higher clock speed. Then you’ve got your mid-range and high-end, in two flavors each. Here are the actual specs in this handy image:

My heightened blogger senses allow me to determine the best deal, and it’s probably the 250M, which has the best cross between low power, fast memory, and advanced architecture. No need to thank me, citizen.