Olympus E-P1 Micro Four Thirds retro shooter leaks out early


Oh my. Hopefully this Olympus Micro Four Thirds digicam is a halfway good performer, because the whole Internet already wants it – including you. The official announcement will come tomorrow, but we might already have the E-P1 specs and price.

  • 13MP
  • 720p video recording mode (7 minutes max)
  • 480p video recording mode (14 minutes max)
  • Liveview LCD
  • 11 area AF
  • 200-6400 ISO
  • 60-1/4000 shutter speed

We’re thinking that the kit will come with a 17mm lens, and a 14-42mm (3x) zoom lens will be available at launch. The kit price might be  ¥90,000 ($917 USD) with the option of getting both lens for ¥130,000 ($1,324). The 17mm and 14-42mm will also be available separately for ¥10,000 ($101) and  ¥35,000 ($356) respectively.

Hold off until tomorrow to make your final judgement about the high cost as we here in the States might get slightly different pricing rather than a direct conversion from the Japanese price. But at least this E-P1 still rocks a DSLR sensor and is still a small fraction of what a Leica costs even if is a bit higher than we were hoping.

xitek via 43rumors