Q3 2009: Nokia E72, XpressMusic 5530


There’s two more Nokia phones for you to choose from. Well, soon there will be. There’s the E72, which has been shot-teased for a few months and is billed as “swift, slim, and resourceful”; it’s sentient, too. That’s a new feature this year. Then there’s the far simpler XpressMusic 5530, which, as the name implies, is built around its music-playing capabilities.

First, the E72. Like the E71 before it, it’s takes the shotgun approach: e-mail, IM, multimedia, etc. The camera is now five megapixels, and there’s a standard 3.5mm audio jack. (I love how that’s a feature: a standard audio jack.) Nokia even threw in GPS with turn-by-turn directions, because why not? Look for it sometime in the third quarter of this year for €350 before carrier subsidy, should there be any.


Moving on, the XpressMusic 5530. This is more my style: simple and to the point. I guess it’s for young people, which is why Facebook and MySpace are front and center; Lord knows Twitter support would be icing on the cake. It comes with a 4GB memory card, so you can store your videos and music, then watch and listen wherever you go! She has a 2.9-inch widescreen display—plenty big in my book. GSM, €299 before subsidy. This, too, will hit in the third quarter.